What is 515?


the Des Moines/metro area. derrived from the central Iowa area code.

see also: 515 alive and dead moines

I currently reside in the 515.

See dead moines, iowa, 515, 515 alive, des moines


Much like 210; 515 is a "code-name" for Eating Out a girl. 5 represents the fifth letter of the alphabet: E; 15 represents the 15th letter of the alphabet: O.

The actual act of eating a girl out is when some one goes down on a girl and licks/sucks/nibbles varied parts of her pussy; usually to make her cum.

Many claim this to be a delicious "meal"; hence the term "eating out".


See eat out, cum, orgasm, blow job, 210, pussy, sex, oral, oral sex, fuck, tongue fuck


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