What is 517?


a relatively small gang based in Lansing, Michigan; essentially, the Lansing small-town-version of the Mexican Mafia.

It is not a serious crime syndicate ((such as the Italian Mafia or Russian Bratva, LA-based gangs ("Crips" and "Bloods"), AVLN ("Vice Lords"), of Hong-Kong Triad Society)), but rather a small group of masquerading emulators known (and often prosecuted) for distribution of controlled substances, especially Marijuana.

the name is not five-hundred-seventeen, but rather five-one-seven, and is derived from the telephone area code for Lansing/Mid-Michigan.

the other day on my way home, i saw 3 mitsubishis pull up and about 20 asian mafia dudes jump out and whoop the ungodly fuck out of these 2 kids from the 517.

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1. When one is without a penis

F*** man! I just went 517

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