What is 52?


a sexual position the man is sitting down, the 5, and the woman is giving him a blow, the two. duh

oh wow i did not enjoy 52 last night i wish we could have done 69 instead.

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A Hoova Crip set. It's named after 52 street. I aint sayin no more cuzz you niggas is fake fo puttin knowledge on here.

"I bang that 52 Hoova Crip homie"

See Blue


when a man gets whacked off by a girl (5 fingers) while he is fingering a girl (2 fingers.

1. yesterday i got a 52!

2. i got 52'd the other day

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An unarmed fighting system developed and practiced by negroes living in New York and/or various penal institutions.

"Allah don't like ugly so I held back from bustin him

I passed the burn off, he caught me from the blind side

Tapped a nigga jaw, I shot my fifty-two style, and crazy raw..."


An ugly people's orgy, usually consisting of six people.

"I've never fucked a 10, but I fucked five 2s once." ~George Carlin

See homosexual


someone who acts mad soft usually white

Yo you is mad 52


slang for white person (started in mark twain by TIP & SYX)or someone soft

yo that 52 is whack


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