What is 5254?


Code meaning "I love you very much", derived from Tagalog.

Works in the same way as the 'pager codes' (such as 143 for "I love you") which work by simply writing a digit to represent the number of letters in each word in a commonly used phrase. The difference with this popularly used code that it is originally Tagalog (language used in the Philippines) rather than English like most of the other 'codes'

5 = mahal

2 = na

5 = mahal

4 = kita

Same meaning as 14344 and used in the same way. Is often used as a less direct way of saying the same thing in actual words.

In a text message:

bb u hv no idea how u make me feel 143 5254

See 14344, love, pager, code, 143


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