What is 53?


the number of the black crayon in a crayola box. in wich refers to the "black man" as a dehuminizing word for peop of african decent. commenly used by caucasians or law enforcement.

Common term for an "african American." Has been a southern tradition for many years.

"Hey you 53, get over here!" exclaimed the officer. "I'm in Sagaponack Bitch."

Sagaponack bitch: You could use this slang in any altercation with your significant other. It simply states "Leave me the fuck alone."

apb on all 53's with jeans' shirt' and shoes.

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a number that haunts the town of aledo texas and has become a part of everyday life for aledoians. Some say the number is extremely unlucky

the girls basketball team lost 53 to 60!!! OMG!

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This variation of the 69 happens when a girl goes down on a guy and he sticks his pinkies up her nostrils.

I surprised dat bitch with the ol' 53 last night.

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gettin' some all the time

i just got it last night and the night before

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