What is 54?


A leet counter-strike invite club, for leet cs players.

Oh my god i wish i was in #54


Frequently used in Ft Lauderdale, 54 is a term used to emphasize legal legitimacy.

After I turned myself in on those warrants and served me time, I'm 54.

See legit, skraight


A very hot girl with a really fine ass

yo adam check out that 54!!

See a-bomb


Police lingo for negative.

That's a 54 on the stolen intrepid (mine).

See miles


Sexual Position. A man lays on his back. stick out his tongue. a woman in reverse cowgirl postion she put grape jelly in her asshole. Then squat over the tongue and ride the tongue back and forth or whatever feel good to her. Then he spit the jelly in her mouth.

I perform the 54 last night

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