What is 540?


Used primarily by skate and snowboarders to describe the performing of 1 1/2 full rotations, ususally while airborne.

So named because the subject has rotated 540 degrees.

Man, that was a sick 540!

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An area code for Fredericksburg, a historical area in Virginia. Also in other places in Spotsylvania County. It's a growing area. It's not fun, but that's because people are so uncreative. I could think of a million bad ass things to do there.

Person #1: Hey I'm from the 540, reppin'!

Person #2: Fuck that. That shit is boring.

Person #1: No, you're just lame and can't think of anything legit to do.

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Blanket term used by Virginians to refer to the mountainous western parts of the state -- Roanoke, Lexington, Staunton, Waynesboro, Harrisonburg, and Winchester. It's the area code.

I spent two years in the 540 and that was enough, I had to move back to Richmond.

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