What is 55378008?


calculater joke i learned in 3rd grade

A woman's boobs weighed 69 pounds,

which she though was 2, 2, 2 much.

So she went down 51st street

to see DR. X

he gave her 8 pills.....which left her....

6922251x8= BOOBLESS



Its 'calculator-speak' (type the number in the calculator and turn it upside-down) for the word boobless. Probably the most well known phrase typable in a basic calculator.

Other words include:

5318008 (boobies)

58008 (boobs)

77345 (shell)

710.77345 (shell oil)

318ll345 (shelbie)

7734 (hell

07734 (hello)

Im the coolest person in school person i can type a rude word in my calculator. 55378008

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I also heard this calculator joke in Third grade from a friend.

A woman had 69(press 69) boobs,

which she was 2(press 2), 2(press 2), 2(press 2) much.

So she went to 51st(press 51) street

to visit DR. X (press multiply)

8(ate) press 8) her boobs and now she's

6922251x8= BOOBLESS


There was a girl aged 13 who had boob size 84 but she wanted down to 45, so the doctor said 0 take 2 tablets, but instead she took 4 and that left her BOOBLESS

13844502 x 4 = BOOBLESS, motherfucker


Wow... lot's of variations I've never heard of. The only way I've ever heard this was with Dolly Parton.

"In nineteen 69 Dolly Partons Doctor said her Tits were 2 2 2 Big. So he gave her 51 Pills to take 8 Times a day, and when she woke up in the morning she became BOOBLESS.

6922251 x 8 = 55378008

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Once there was a woman who had 69 tits it was 222 many for a 51 year old so she went to X who gave her 8 tablets now she boobless

6922251 x 8 = Boobless


A common schoolboy trick, similar to 710 11345

see above & below


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