What is 555?


dominos pizza deal. 3 mediums for 5 each

i got da 555 at dominoz!!

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A British imported brand of cigarettes that are mostly smoked by Asian OGs (old guys/original gangsters/etc.), particularly Vietnamese OGs on the West Coast. Most second generation younger Asians smoke menthols or lights. Triple-5's are also smoked by "fobs" (fresh off the boat immigrants who don't speak english).

"Triple-555s? What are you, fifty? Now you're ganna tell me you drink Heinekin. Fuck beer."

"Let's go to Q-Cup and drink pearl tea and smoke menthols."

"Yeah, Linh's smoking triple-5s now. She's always hanging around the fobs now. What a fob-wannabe."

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Thai for "hahaha"

he kuy 555~


Numbers used in movies, television, magazines . . ect. as the first three characters in a phone number so as not to promote stalkers who would otherwise actually call that number.

"Hey, call Tom Cruise at 555-6969."


An Integrated Circuit(IC), cased in an 8-pin DIP(Dual Inline Package), commonly used as a timer or a simple frequency generator.

I need to replace the faulty 555 in the timer


To give a false phone number to someone you'd rather not have your real number.

He wanted her digits, but instead she gave him the 555.


Alternate version of lolor "hahaha" in online or text conversation, usually with someone who speaks Thai. The Thai word for 5 is pronounced "ha", so three of them would be pronounced "hahaha"

Guy texting woman in Thailand: Did you go to the doctor and get that rash on your cooch checked out?

Bar girl reply: Yes, docter say boom boom now, ok.

Guy's reply: Come over then. And don't forget your sister, 555.


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