What is 5566?


1.(n.)A famous singing group in Taiwan. Or at least some people believe so. The truth is that a large portion of their fans are kids from elementary school and junior high. And the fans love them regard of their bad singing and acting skills. Most kids like them because they think 5566 are "hansome and in."

2.(n.)A word even much nastier than politicianand reporterin taiwan. Use with care.

3.(adj.)To describe someone who has totally no singing and acting skills.

1.I have no idea why anyone would leave DT, Angra, G&R and other good stuff on the shelve and go listening 5566's crap.

2.You're such a 5566.

3.Man, Your singing was so 5566.

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n. people who come from mars

people who can't sing

people who like to touch girl's breast

adj. describe someone who has no telented in singing or


describe someone who looks like gay

1. Stop singing! Your voice sounds like 5566!

2. If you do something like 5566, you'll be put into the


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