What is 57?


57 is in reference to the Heinz "57 varieties" of ketchup. The bottled version of their ketchup doesn't pour easily, so you must tapthe bottle on the 57 logo to pour ketchup more easily. When someone is having a hard time getting ketchup out they are given the advice "you must tap the 57". Because of this, in recent days, people have been using the number "57" in place of the word tap; usually replacing tapwhen the sexual meaning of the word is implied. It can also be found tattooed as a tramp stampon some women as a subtle cue to " tap that ass".

That girl across the room is so hot I would definitely 57 that booty.

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A really long blowjob :O

Usually done by Katees.

Guy 1: DUDEE! I just got a 57.

Guy 2: Who did it?

Guy 1: The usual katee, DUH!

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The girl gets on her knees and performs head on the guy who is draped over her shoulder while simultaneously fucking her with his foot.

"Wow Daniel, that 57 we did was quite orgasmic!"

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A spot in the hip region of a female body which, when lightly tapped, causes the female to become significantly more sexually aroused. It is located in a slightly different place for each woman, but is generally found near the hips. It was most likely named after the '57' marking on Heinz ketchup bottles which, when tapped, causes the ketchup to flow out of the bottle with greater ease.

All I had to do was tap that 57 and moments later I was deep-dickin that shit.

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