What is 6.9?


A session of 69 which is interrupted by the woman having a period.

that bitch was all 6.9 up in my face you know?


A "69" interuppted by a period.

A "69" with a woman on the cotton pony


A 69er interrupted by a period.

"Sex with my wife is terrible" said Harry "It was only last night we had another 69er"


A sex position similar to the sixtynine, but when a girl has her period during the 69. It can occur with lesbians or with straight couples, however gay guys are typically safe from this phenomena of bloody discharge. It is named as such because it is 69 interrupted by a period, hence: six point nine.

Guy 1: Dude, last night this girl and I were 69ing when she had her period on my face! It was nasty!

Guy2: That sucks! I hate 6.9s.

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A normal 69, but the chick has her period.

Without a warning, my 69 got turned into a 6.9.


a good thing ruiend by a period... DAMN THAT 6.9!


A 69 when a woman is on her peirod or in slang "the rag"

Joe: Josh, what is a 6.9?

Josh: I dont know, what is it?

Joe: A 69 when the girl is on her period

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