What is 60?


a 60 of alcahol, could be vodka, rum, whiskey, whatever.

hey lets split on a 60 for the weekend.


(N>) The Late Night with Conan O' Brien spinoff of "24". Get this. "60" is a show where each episode is one second of real time in a whole story that spans one minute. Understand? So far, it has aired 8 Episodes since it's late May premiere and has been renewed for a second season.

How will Chuck Aloue save the Prime Minister of Canada in this week's compelling episode of 60...?


To fight with someone for 60 seconds.

Yo, I want my 60, son.

See 60, head up, fight, scrap, beef, Tariq Mujahid


your home or base

I have to get to my 60 before i get caught with the 50

See eso


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