What is 6114?


6114 is a Marine Corps MOS. These Marines are what's called Flightline Mechanics on the Huey and Cobra helicopters. They are known as the Jacks of All Trades, But Master of None. When not working most of them are drinking some form of alcohol, but don't think all of them do. Some don't drink at all. At unit parties, their shop alone, which consits of 40-75 Marines, will spend around $4000-$6000 dollars alone, and at these unit parties, the senior 6114 Marines tend to force the junior 6114 Marines to drink. These Marines are also not known to be the smartest Marines in The Marine Corps Air Wing. But they can fix and/or get almost anything to work with little or nothing.

Marine 1: "The #1 engine won't start."

Marine 2: "Hit it with the crescent hammer." (Yes I know it's a crescent wrench, but 6114's call them hammer's from time to time, since they miss use the tool, which pisses me off when they do it. It pisses me off cause they break the tool and I have to order a new one for them)

See marine, mos, jarhead, leather-neck


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