What is 617?


To drunk dial someone. Taken from the Trocadero song (617): "And I drink / and I call / and I drink / and I call" from the machinima series Red vs. Blue.

After I got home from the club, I totally (617)'d Jenn last night.

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bostons area code where all the true gangstas live

yo i was up in the 617 the other night and some fool got jacked and popped

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(pronounced six one seven)

another name for calling some gay. aka fag.

its the number where each letter is in the alphabet.

Alex, you are such a 617!

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Pronounced Six Seventeen. Originated in 2005 from a Organization named Team Dans. A member was once ask what time was it and the member replied 6 17. From then on 617 was used in place of the word Sickening since they sound the same. 617=Sickening

Yo Son, that ride is 617.

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a day where a bunch of young teenagers (13/14) go to someones house, get completly trashed, take their shirts off, eat frootloops, and drink hypnotiq. its a yearly tradition and can never be broken. hot girls hook up with hot older boys.

"yo its 617 tommorow, what should i wear"

"oh trust me, the clothes come off pretty quickly"

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