What is 631?


The area code for Suffolk County(The Hamptons!)

Those 631 rich BITCHES!


The best area code in North America. The area code for Suffolk County, Long Island, in New York. It has the best beaches, the nicest homes, and includes the legendary Hamptons. There's so much to do and has some historic places, including the Vanderbilt Museum and Planetarium. Home of the hottest guys and sexiest girls. It has the best parties and clubs on Long Island. It is also the most beautiful place in New York.

"You gotta love the 631."

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The most embarrasing area code you can have. Having this area code, means you are from Suffolk County. Suffolk county is a hell zone on Long Island. It has nothing too do. It is way too suburban. The kids there act way too buji and are such losers. They know nothing about life or any real places, all they know is suffolk county. Some of the ones from these fake little so called hoods like wyandanch think thier hard. But are not, and wyandanch is far from a hood. They really just plane suck.

I am from Brooklyn, and I have been to Nassau and it is actually kind of cool. Has a big ass mall. Actually known as one of the biggest around, Roosevelt field. Has a big ass park, Eisenhower, also known as one of the biggest around. And Nasau coliseum if flawless. Great Concerts, ringling brothers and b. circus, Biggest and best carnival, second favorite next to Coney Isl'(Even thogh coney island is really an amusement park, but you get what i'm sayin). great hockey games and close by is a big ass iMax Theatre. Also got to see the jets there in hempstead. Plus is right next to the marriot so when you're done, and gotta a chick wit you, you can go staright to happy hour after. Suffolk, has none of that. Dull and boring, kids there suck. 631 area code is not what you wanna have. 212, 718 or 516.

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