What is 667?


667 Dark Avenue is a chat site for the ASOUE. It's full of over-the-top fangirls, eliteist original members, and more tangled love lives than The OC. I'm not gonna link cuz we don't need more n00bs.

667 is teh sex. You can delete your account, but you can never leave.

See olga


The neighbor of the beast (as read in the video game "Max Payne").

"Six. Six. Seven. The neighbor of the beeeast." - Eye On Maiden.


More than evil.

666 = evil, hence 667 = more than evil.

Seen on a t-shirt - front: "667", back: "More than evil"

as in, "That fellow is really not a nice guy. He is 667, more than evil"

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The neighbour of the Beast.

Fuck off example bullshit.

See p


Across the street neighbor of the beast - since addresses are even on one side and odd on the other.

Yo, Franklin is at 667, but the dude across the street lives in a hell hole!


667 Is the TRUTHFUL "Satanic number"

See definition 666 for what some people refer to as "Satanic"

667 Was originally the number of satan, when goth originated, being a religion and not a (A) Dress code (B) Type of music

Society warped it to 666, seeing as nerds probally did it because its easier to type, big mistake.

Fag: Yah! 666 man satanic 4 lyf!

Nonfag: You dues, its 667 you poser fag.

See 666, satan, devil, baal


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