What is 67?


A state of resentment toward your partner when you try a 69 twice, and twice they fart in your face.

Man, after those two 69's I can't handle it 67 more times



When a 69 is in progress, and only one half of the couple receives fulfillment, a 67 is declared as a promise for future payment.

Sorry for the 67, You do me, and I'll do you later

See 67, 69, oral, payback, fulfillment


Similar to a 69, except that one person is ass-to-mouth.

"I went to the chiropractor to get my disc realigned the day after I was 67'd."

See 67, ass, to, mouth, 69


Its like a regular 69. Only in a 67 the man has no legs.

Hey your a moderatly attractive woman and I'm a moderatly attractive man with no legs. Lets 67 :P

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69 is the number related to anal, and 67 is the one to footjobs. Doesn't it look like so?

I thought that was obvious.


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