What is 68?


You do me and I'll owe you one.

He pulled the old 68 trick on her again.


A sexual(often oral) favor performed by someone without receiving the favor in return.


Man: "Hey baby, how about we 69?"

Woman: "How about we 68?"


Woman: "That's where you do me and I owe ya one."

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Oral sex on a snowman


you gimme some i owe you one

yo, dat bitch gave me 68 las nite,i don even know her name


One person receives, and the other one does not receive in a sexual term.

All the other definitions had it wrong so I decided I'd put mine in there.

Guy:"hey lets 68!"

their sexual preference:"what the fuck is that?"

Guy: "thats where you blow me,and I owe you one."

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Often used as a corny pick-up line meaning the speed limit of sex.

Guy: Hey sexy. Do you know the speed imit of sex?

Hot Chick: No. What is it?

Guy: 68. Because at 69 you have to turn around!

Hot Chick: *SLAP!*

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The speed limit of sex because at 69, you have to turn around.

'nuff said... 68

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