What is 69?


Simultaneous oral sex. Can be practised by M+M, M+F or F+F.

The reference is that the numerals 6 and 9 are inverted versions of each other, reflecting the physical position that the couple must adopt when engaged in this sexual practice.

The two girls were in a 69, licking each other's pussies.


Simultaneous fellatio and cunnilingus - the female sucks the male's dick while he eats her pussy out. Gay and lesbian versions of 69 are also practiced.

How about some 69 with Michael Moore? Supa chow!


A position where the male licks the female's vagina and the female sucks the male's penis..uld be used for male on male or female on female action it should not be considered intercourse because it is only oral...fun position that every one talks about and makes jokes about untill they experience it for the first time.

most popular number spoken about by teens next to 420.

- "i b 6 u b 9" - "how bout we 68 and I'll owe you 1"


The highest number you can do as factorial on a standard calculator. 70 causes mathematical eroor.

69! = very big number


69 When a girl is sucking on your cock while u are upside down eating her pussy.

i did 69 with this skank last night TWICE!!


Simultaneous oral sex.

The couple engaged in 69, so neither were left out...


to lay on 1 another the male facing the vagina and the female facing the penis and then perform oral sex

lets try to 69 baby ...ease

See nigga


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