What is 7?


The fiercest digit known to man.

7 is the fiercest digit because 7 8 9. Ha

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Quite possibly the greatest number ever. Always a good answer to a question demanding a numerical answer, especially if the actual answer is unknown.

Person 1:How many cars did you see?

Person 2:(immediately after and confident) Seven


The number that ate 9. all the other numbers are scared of him.

Why are all the other numbers afraid of 7? Because 7 8 9 (seven ATE nine..)

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7 can be used to anwser anything and describe anyone and anything. It is the key to life. Without 7 we would not exist. Use 7 for anything. It is the ultimate powerful digit.

Math teacher: What's the answer to number 5?

Person in back of room: 7!


A very, very, VERY common lucky number. Also used in the bible several times. (God rests on the 7th day, 7 seals of the scroll, etc.)

Paul: 7 is my lucky number.

Joe: No way! Thats my lucky number too!

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The word 7 is George Costanza from Seinfeld's first child's name. Good for a boy or a girl.

"7 is a Beautiful name. For a boy or a girl."

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the most awsome number ever


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An emoticon symbolizing a salute

Sally: Lick my pussy

Jeff:(^_^)7 Yes maam!

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