What is 7&7?


7&7: Novice Drinker's Cocktail

Anyone can make a 7&7, it's one of the easiest mixes to make and very hard to screw up.

Basically you take lemon-lime soda, 7-up works good, and Seagram's Seven Crown Whiskey. With a handle of Seagram's I normally buy two 2 liters of 7-up.

The recipe is 4 part 7-up, 1 part whiskey; and you add more whiskey to the recipe for every drink thereafter.

That's a little weak for my taste, so I normally do 1 part/ 1 part. Stir & garnish with ice and you have yourself a tasty 7&7.

I drank 7&7 last night, 1 part/1part; definetly one of my favorites.

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A classic cocktail drink made with approximately 1 ½ oz. Seagram’s 7 crown mixed with 3 oz. of 7-Up. First you pour the Seagram’s 7 over ice in a highball glass, then you top it off with the 7 Up.

The local honky tonk is a good place to get a well made 7&7.

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