What is 7.9?


IGN cube's fanboy-favorite editor Fran Mirabella III unleashed an unwanted horse-head into the beds of many Gamecube owners. This happened when he scored Nintendo's "killer-ap" for the 2003 holiday line up - Mario Kart:Double Dash - the long awaited sequel to Mario Kart 64... with a dissapointing and medicore score of 7.9. This action outrages the fourm members of IGN and it became the gamecube's version of "pwned"

Action: I give X a 7.9

Reaction: YOU ARE TEH SUCK!!!!

See Jord


The sheer definition of mediocrity, lameness, and generally being mundane or insignificant.

Mario Kart: Double Dash got a 7.9!


*Head explodes*


The Avcerage IQ point drop one experiences after reading threads in The Vestibule.

I waz on the vesti and I 7.9'ed my lobe.


Its the worse insult you can give someone.

Nintendo 7.9'd E3!!!


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