What is 70?


69, with a finger

I gave that bitch a 70 last night


One of America's longest interstates. Begins outside Baltimore, Maryland and heads west thru Pittsburgh, PA, Columbus, OH, Indianapolis, IN, St. Louis, MO, Kansas City and Denver before ending near Moab, Utah. Facts:

1. Indianapolis is the largest-single city on its route, but

2. technically Baltimore-Washington is the largest metro area it goes through.

3. The state with its longest mileage is Colorado.

4. The most populous state on its route is Illinois.

5. The state with its shortest mileage is West Virgina--only 17 miles.

6. The least populated state on its route is W. Virginia

70 is dull, dull, dull and flat from Ohio to Denver. The most populated states on its route from most populated to least is Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, Maryland, Colorado, Kansas, Utah, West Virginia.

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69 plus one more!

I was going at it 69-style with Danie, then Pansy walked in on us. It quickly turned into a 70 session.

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sexual reference of the 69 with a finger in the partners ass. thus 69 + 1 finger = 70

Ann and I were doing the 69, when i turned it into a 70 with my finger in her ass.

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Anal oral sex.

Johnny slipped it upstairs to 70.


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