What is 71?


69 with two fingers shoved up your ass.

I did 71 with the lil lady last night and boy did that bitch squeal.


Sexual position, Sexual actions

A Sixty nine (69) with a male and a Female.... Except the male has his two fingers in her asshole!!!

See Billy


69, with 2 fingers

I gave that bitch a 71


69 action with 2 fingers in her butthole

Moose's girlfriend came really hard after a good 71 session.

See 69, finger, butthole, butt, sex


A sex position with one partner bent over and the other partner doing them from behind.

Dude, I fucked her 71 style! She was so hot bent over my desk!

See sex, do, fuck, intercourse, position, bent over, bent, over, orgasm, climax, hot, sexy, balls, testicles, dick, cock, vagina, pussy, tits, boobs, breasts, ass, slut, bitch, porn, cum


Anal sex. When the 71 is turn 90 degrees it looks like a person receiving anal in the doggy position.

We didn't 69 but we 71 instead and then I 86ed.


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