What is 713?


the areacode for tha one and only h-town


the tightest city

Im from that Houston 713


the area codes that usually belongs to the ghettos of H-Town, TX but really just for the inner city peepz

Hol' up you better get your own style / Cuz we been bumping Screw down here for a while.

-Lil Flip


Underground Legend


the dirtiest of the dirty south; houston texas, nigga

"because i represent the seven-one-threeeee, the type of rappers y'all never gon beeeee"

- Lil Flipper


Underground Legend


the area code for Houston Tx

Yes I ate texmex and got heartburn in that 713


713 is the drinking equivelant to 420. People that smoke weed always celebrate there drug by going overboard on April, 20. Now drinkers have the same type of day on July 13th of every year.

Many people throw a 713 party, and they start drinking at 7:13PM.

"Hey, man are you coming over for 713? Bring alot of beer, we're going to need it."

See drinking, beer, alcohol, weed, pot


In addition to the definitions above, in Harry Potter and the philosopher's Stone the Stone was taken by Hagrid from vault no. 713.

"I'm halfway through the book, I really want to know what was in vault 713!"

"You're a freak. Nerd."


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