What is 717?


Area code in central Pennsylvania (Harrisburg area).

Ayyo nigga there ain't no bitches here in Philly, let's go pimp it up in the 717...I hear those girls love to slob some nob.

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a McDonell Douglas MD-85 with new engines and cockpit systems and with a boeing sticker on its nose.

When Boeing aquired McDonnel Douglas through a corperate takeover, they took the MD-95 designes, changed one or two things and called it a Boeing 717-200. The cockpit of the 717-200 is the same as the MD11, showing just how much of the design is Boeing-made... that is to say, the paint job that sais "Boeing" on the side of it.

717-200's are good planes. Even though they are really MD-95's

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South Central Pennsylvania

Pronounced "Sen One Sen"

A nice place to visit.

Little known trivia: York, PA was the capital of the United States- for one day. Then they realized it was across the Susquehanna from Columbia so everyone quickly picked up and left their Camaros on cinderblocks.

"Yo fool where you from?"

"717, represent"

"Wow that sucks."

"Yea umm I mean I'm really from Philly..."

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717 is the area code for south central Pennsylvania (Lancaster area). Every one there is pretty much a faggot. They all think they are tough and hard core, especially Hempfield High School (HHS) kids. On their myspaces' under hometown they write 717 and many often even get 717 tattooed somewhere on their body. They all enjoy getting wasted and high off their asses.

guy 1: hey man will you carve 717 into my back?

guy 2: hell yea man lets smoke a blunt first

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Area code for south-central Pa area (Chambersburg, Harrisburg, Waynesboro, Greencastle) and is a cheao ass wanna-be gang in Waynesboro

The 717s are gonna get stoled the fuck up!

Lets look for some bitches in the 717.


1337 for TIT.

50 1 84N9x0r3d 7h15 CH1x0rZ 14z7 N19H7, d00dx0rz h3|2 717z w3|23 90|)1Y!!!!


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