What is 73?


ham radio talk for "best regards" or "talk to you later", "good bye for now". Originated during the early days of radio where abbreviations shortened messages in Morse Code.

- - ... ... - -

"73 de W1AW" = "talk to you again soon, from radio station call sign W1AW"


The most amazing sexual position ever! One couldn't even compare it to 69 or even the lazy dog!! It's simple enough, just get your unconscious victim... er willing partner to lie on the their stomach and place your "candy" on top of their "jiggle mountain". Relax and enjoy

Caren: Ughh... Mike left semen crusties all over my left cheek from 73ing last night

Aaron: I have some from Mike too... at least it was fun

Caren: That's for true :] way better than 69ing

Aaron: Or even the lazy dog!

See 37, fun, sex, amazing


69, with 4 fingers

I gave that bitch a 73


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