What is 732?


the area code of the dopest fuckin place in america, son. straight outta jerz.

i'm from 732. i dont get butt naked for nobody.


An area of Central New Jersey, whose beaches overlook NY. you are close to Ny but your county alone qualifies to be its own state. the most distinct county on this planet let alone this country you may live near Ny but if you grew up here you are nothing like a New Yorker.The coolest place on the planet; shit is constantly real here. A perfect mix of normal people and fucking nut jobs. extreme caution should be taken if engaging one of these people in a fight especially if they are either Irish or Italian. You will probably get your ass kicked. Their girls are hotter than yours and their guys are tougher, either way your beat. accept your shame and walk away. Monmouth county is the only place to be, Jersey pride.

Don't fuck with the 732

That kid is from the 732?

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