What is 737?


A neat little airliner made by boeing that is 9.55 times better looking than anything airbus has ever made(its a scientific fact). That said, the B-737 is the most produced airliner ever, with nearly 5000 built so far(and over a thousand on order). While the basic design dates back to the late 1960s, the 737 has been continuously built in dozens of variants and upgrades. Recently(2005), the 737 was selected as the basis for the US navy's new P-8 patrol plane(also the australian millitary's wedgetail). The Boeing Y1 is expected to be its eventual successor.

The Airbus A320 is a gameboy with wings compared to the 737.

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The time you had to put the blunt down and head to school in Kent City Michigan.. The time you had seemed to run out of pot after school and get some funyuns. Kent City's 420. Also the amount of money you needed to raise to get a fifth of cheap vodka as well as a nice school lunch.

"Shit man! My phone says 730 we gotta toke up quick so we can douse ourselves in axe and be out the door by 737"

"Can I have a Dollar, I need to make 7.37"

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A plane manufactured by Boeing that started out good enough with the -100 and -200 series, but has fallen flat on it's face from the 300 series onward by the Airbus A320 series!

Please Boeing......stop swelling the 737 series larger and larger!


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