What is 74?


74 is gang slang for Gangster Deciples in the alphabet G is the 7th letter D is the 4th Nuff Said

I'm a 74 Nigga


Growth and Development/gangsta deciples

Its all about the growth and development of the nation now.


the reali$t niggaz!!!!

74 gansta disciples - 187 slo6s all my peoplz reppin da 6lue throw dem signs up!!!

12.12.12 love life an loyalty


74 for is a pwerful number which in a whole mean standing on my six

i stay posted in bricks on my six slangin brick weak bitch


the ultimate position of pleasure.

"we totally 74'd last night."


"yeah, man. 74'd"

"woah. props, dude."

See 74d, seventy four


the act of recieving a blowjob. when a guy is standing upright with his hand on her head(7). while the girl is on her knees giving him head(4).

"ohhh shit.

i just got the illist bj ever. that bitch 74'ed my dick!"

See blowjob, 74, knees, hoe, bj


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