What is 741?


Operational amplifier IC designed for low cost devices. Packaged in an 8 pin DIP package, it is also available in a quad 14 pin package. Developed from the LM709 by Bob Widlar, it continues to be the mainstay of school electronics programs nationwide.

Man, this place is so cheap, they make me use the 741c instead of the TLE 2141.

See op amp, ic


To be slapped across the face by an SAT Practice Textbook (preferably with 741 pages) at a high velocity. Results in a major headache and your face slamming into the wall from the sheer force of the hit.

Is preferably performed on a nerd or a really annoying person...or a Stanley.

Stanley: Hey guys, wanna study for the SATS?


Guys: He's out! You just got 741'd! Biotch!

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