What is 747?


1) An airplane made by Boeing, competetor of Airbus. It is the fastest subsonic jet in the world, crusing at .855 Mach, or 85% of the speed of sound. The 747-400 can seat up to 630 passengers. It has 4 engines; however, it can still fly with only two operational engines. It is used for international flights.

1) When we flew from San Francisco to Taipei, we flew on a 747-400.


A long range, heavy lift aircraft made by Boeing. Newest model being the 400 series. Characterized by sleek lines, a proven control and avionics system, and intelligent balance of atomization and good Ole' Fashioned pilot input, making it the top selling Long-Range airliner on the market. Often bashed by supporters of Airbus for it's superior looks and sales, compared to the less-attractive A340, and the over-ambitious and pig-nosed A380.

We flew to Prague on a 747.

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a girl/guy who looks very fat/heavy, and could easily be mistaken for a 747 jet airliner.

Bob: Hey Phil, check out the 747!

Phil: Wow dude, major liftoff.


When a female simultaneously gives two hands jobs and a blowjob at the same time. The up and down motion she has to perform while stroking one cock with each hand and giving a blowjob to the third cock replicates the flight of 747 aircraft.

That chick at the bachelor party was crazy, she was doing 747's all night.

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Stupid, clueless. Used as a remark about someone who misses a joke (it goes over their head, like a 747, which is a type of plane)

Person 1: why'd the chicken cross the road?

Person 2: Why?

Person 1: to get to the other side

Person 2: hunh?

Person 1: oh god, 747...

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A woman goes down on a man, gets his cum in her mouth, transfers it to his mouth, and then he goes down on her with it in his mouth.

Dude, my girldfriend and I 747ed last night, it was freaky!

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A hasbeen in the yesteryears of aviation, the main modern competitors being the A380 and the A340!

Let's see........flying to EGLL on a 747.....no!!!!!!!I'd rather fly on a quality A340 or A380!


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