What is 765?


The Area Code representing Western Indiana. It includes Kokomo, Lafayette, and West Lafayette, represents Boilertown! Aside from those cities, the area is generally agricultural and slightly backward.

I'm stirght outta tha 7-6-5 nigga!

dude1: what up dude?

dude2: chillin man. Where did you say you're from, man?

dude1: the 765, you?

dude2: the 734 bro

dude1: you got any dank?

dude2: yea

dude1: can u get me a dub man?

dude2: yea, but it's $60

dude1: cool

//knock on the door

dude: who is it? fuck its the pigs! Stash the herb quick.

pig: <breaks down door> Um, we heard some coughing in your apartment.

dude: yea i'm sick

pig: yea right. I was in the apartment for the fuck of it looking for stoners. Every one of you loser fucks is going to jail! <pulls out gun>.

dude: Officer, you entered without a warrant or probable cause.

pig: I AM THE LAW. This isn't some hippie California commune, this is the 765 fucker! You're going to Duncan Road tonight to think about what you did! <on radio>: Officers, we're gonna need 50 squad cars. Enter all the apartments and arrest all the stoner fucks.

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