What is 781?


781 is 187 backwards just like redrum is murder backwards

Brotha Lynch Hung's interlude "781 Redrum" on album Season Of Da Siccness


area code for Medford, Malden, Winchester, Braintree, Revere, Arlington, Lynn, Melrose. Some places are kinda hood like Malden,Medford, Lynn, and Winchester and some places are straight up suburban like Woburn and Burlington. It surrounds the 617 which is Boston. It's a decent place to live, about a 5-10 drive to downtown Boston depending on where your at. Teens often drink, smoke, make Anna's Taquiera runs, or catch the blue or orange line downtown to do some crazy shit.

Random kid #1: yo wanna hit up the 781 this weekend.

Random kid #2: Nah man, its just made up suburbs on the outskirts and slums near the city. let's hit up Harvard sq. instead and hit up sum head shops

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Rockland MA. Where all the biggest gangstas, hoodlums, dope fiends live. The slum of the suburbs people are mad tough. Not a place to hangout in.

Yo there be a cat up in 781 who is madd steezy B. Watch out for him man

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The areacode of Needham, Ma where everything goes down. Drive by's, people sellin crack, trouble is its middle name. People bring it big there and every Gangsta's ether got a AK, Uzzi, or some shit. We got 44, 64, 84 up in here.

It is the ghetto of ghetto's.

that G must be from the area code of 781 cause he bringing in big.

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