What is 7:30?


if U 7:30 u a crazy ass nigga

R.I.P Big L

See AC


Crazy:Rikers Island Jail has a form called 7:30 A,which is a psych evaluation request form.

Yo don't fuck with that guy he's 7:30

See crazy, loco, insane, nutz, coocoo


"7:30 means you're cray" -Big L


also 730 seven thirty

to be crazy

"yo geoff is 730 dawg.."

See Ganksta


crazy; out of the mind

That girl burned her Louis V purse when he broke up with her. Uh-uh she 7:30!

See crazy, loco, out of it, looney, cuckoo


crazy; killer

im coming through wit a crew of dirty n*ggas, 7:30 n*ggas...


See andy


If you are 7:30 that means you crazy

gangsta: You don't have my money, I'ma get 7:30 on yo ass...bitch!!

See wilin', wildin', brolick, criminally insane


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