What is 813?


Area code for Tampa Bay, FL

Home of the 2003 Super Bowl Champs, Ybor, Wild 98.7 FM, Celph Titled, horrible traffic, hot ass weather and hot ass bitches.

what up Hillsborough!?

There ain't no faggot shit here, we keep it filthy,

and every time I brawl it's jus that muthafuckn Tampa in me!


Tampa, Florida

Kickass motherfuckin city.

With good herb, too.

9th most dangerous city in the US, 5th worst for theft.


Hillsborough County, FL.

Recognized as Tampa.

Mostly represented by retards who feel the need to rep their area code.

We keep it fresh in da 813!

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813 is the area around the Tampa Bay in Florida.

It's motherfucking boring.

Ain't no fun. in tha 813.

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