What is 83?


Hetrosexual Oral Sex. Think about it - "69" would only work for M/M or F/F sex...

We were 83in' last night when her mom walked in...

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Cover-up term for bisexual.

This is because of the periodic tableof the chemical elements (chemistry): The 83rd element is Bismuth, which is abbreviated with "Bi".

(67 42 = Homo)

Don't tell anyone he's 83!

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A person that is bisexual.

Dude, that kid is so 83.

I wish she was 83.

I AM NOT 83!!!!!!

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Hiphop guys (2Faces, BIC, Canox, Ben, T-Mo, ..) from Quebec southside. Their name come from the two first numbers in local phone numbers (83)x-xxxx

Gérard: Hey man, last night i saw 83 assholes chillin' at the park!

Roger: They suck.

Gérard: Fuck yeah, bro!


anal sex (think on the 8 as an ass & the 3 as wang)

I had 83 last night, & it hurt like hell!

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an unlucky number that is usually favorited by killjoys who often fuck up everyone's time by planning half-assed social gatherings, taking all jokes and criticism up the ass, assuming the opposite sex is their enemy, having poor financial management, and pretending to be more mature than they really are.

my dad brought up a good point. i probably shouldn't shave the number 83 into each of my sideburns.

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