What is 847?


The area code for northern Illinois. It can be used as slang to say you're from north IL.

"representin' the 847 fo lyf"

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An area code for Chicago's northern and northwestern suburbs. Usually wealthy, affluent, white, and full of Cubs fans.

Oh, did you see that bitch who was strung out on smack? She's from Park Ridge, in the 847.

The North Shore generally sucks because it has the following damning characteristics: New Trier Township High School, and an 847 area code.

Did you see those pretentions drunks at Wrigley? Must be 847s.

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847 is the area code to Northwestern Chicago cities.Including:

Elgin/ Evil~E

Carpentersville/ C~Ville


Hanover Park

Streamwood/ Da woodz

St. Charles

Prospect Heights

8fo7er: Where u from jo'?

773er: 773. U?

8fo7er: Da Evil~E in da 8fo7.

773er: Aye I heard yall niggaz in da 847 be havin sum bomb ass weed?

8fo7er: Fa'sho cum thru n I sho wut itz all 'bout.

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847 is the area code for people who live close to chicago and love the city. we're from the northside, and mostly love the cubs. we don't have bangwagon fans like the sox do, who don't give a crap about their team in '04 but then all of sudden the sox do good and boom - bandwagon fans everywhere.

no better place then the 847

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One of America's worst area codes, solely because it's in Illinois. I handled a call from one of its inhabitants at my old job. The inhabitant from the 847 refused to give the three-digit customer information number on her credit card as required for all transactions over the phone at the call center where I worked.

Why are you special? Is it because you're from the 847?

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