What is 850?


Area code of Tallahassee, FL

Florida's state capitol, not to mention its best university, is located in the 850


Home of the WEEKEND WARRIORS! This is the tightest group of friend you will ever meet!The WEEKEND WARRIORS are the ones that host the dankest ass parties you will ever attend (saying your down with us)!!!

"bro, you here theres a bad ass party goin on in the 850"

"yeah bro, the weekend warriors are there it must be sick"

"its the 850 man every party is epic"

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Well namely Fort walton beach, destin, niceville, and panama city. the rest of the towns suck dick. so okaloosa county IS 850. We're the hardest mother fuckers around. Why are he hard? Lets see here we party everyday, wether its someones house, on the beach, at a bonfire, or on crab island everyone here loves to party. You want some good shit to eat you got mellow mushroom and taco town. Main beaches are okaloosa island peir, whales tail, and crab trap of destin. Anyone who wants to fuck with the 850 is guaranteed to get their ass beat. Destin commons, the beach, and santa rosa mall are what we do around here. You just really dont want to fuck with us. and we have some dank shit around here. 850!

jim: tomorrow when we wake up lets head down to the 850 n hit up some taco town n some dank ass parties.

steve: oh shit bro 850? damn thats gunna be fun.

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The area code for Tallahassee, Florida

person 1: yo man i be representin 850

person 2: yo man you be the whitest bitch i know!

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The area code of Panama City&& Panama City Beach(PCB). Also Known As, Panama Shitty. Only good thing goin for it; Spring Break.

I live, Where You Party.

Featured on MTVas well. Myspaceeven came lol. No joke.

Example 1;

Leah To Cousin Brittney In Iowa.

L: "Hey girl. You comin to the 850 for spring break?"

B: "Hell yeah chick, we're gonna be doin it big."

Example 2;

Random Guy To Leah

RG: "Hey guh. Where you from?"

L: "Bitch, i be reppin the 850"

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