What is 856?


856 is krimeland nj aka vineland. everything goes down from gang wars to graffiti clicks..we go hard but people dont kno it. close to ny nd philly so yu kno whut goes down. were n the middle of krime. real close to killville... sv krimeland all day

p1-did yu hear bout dat big fight in the 856

p2-yea i wuz there it wuz crazy

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south jersey vineland

THE only place to be on the eastcoast. The 856 is the southernmost part of jersey, so no, GREAT ADVENTURE is not south. In the 856 we get fucked up because we have nothing else to do, go to the beach in middle of winter just because we can, drive in and out of philly like it's our job, go to wawa a minimum of 6 times a week, and have a surprisingly decent music scene. We are not "jooizey gurls" and hell naw we don't pump our own gas. Represent.

Dude, let's hit up the 856 tonight, everywhere else is fucking lame.

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The gang name pertaining to the area in which the area code for that region is in fact 856.

"One of the most feared gangs in New Jersey is 856."

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