What is 86?


To remove, end usage, or take something out or away. Despite ALL other posts suggestion the origion of this phrase there is only one true answer:

Chumley's, a famous and OLD New York speakeasy, is located at 86 Bedford St. During Prohibition, an enterance through an interior adjoing courtyard was used, as it provided privacy and discretion for customers.

As was (and is) a New York tradition, the cops were on the payroll of the bar and would give a ring to the bar that they were coming for a raid. The bartender would then give the command "86 everybody!", which meant that everyone should hightail it out the 86 Bedford enterance because the cops were coming in through the courtyard door.

"86 that light"

"Everyone in Sales got 86'd.

See Baz


to leave or get rid of something.

Dude man, 86 your girlfriend, she is so lame.

See ditch, leave, throw away


meaning to be kicked out or banned. the true origin has nothing to do with military graves or the year 1886, whoever mentioned the prohibition bar with the address of 86 is the correct one.

I got 86ed from the Orleans Casino after stealing a shit load of stuff


To get rid of. To eradicate.

I want a BLT but could you 86 the bacon?

Yo fool, 86 your shoes, they dont match!


Term used in restaurant kitchens meaning there is no stock of a menu item.

"86 the red snapper"

See Steve


1. To run out of a menu item.

2. To end, stop, or cut off.

3. To get rid of (usually in reference to a person, often a coworker...sometimes viewed jokingly as a euphimism for killing them)

Note- although there are several theories as to the origin of this term, one common misconception has been debunked. The idea that it came from Chumley's, the speakeasy at 86 Bedford St. in Greenwich Village, NYC. Stanley Chumley opened this restaurant in 1928, and many people refer to it's prohibition-era activities as the origin for the term 86 (there are several variations on this). However, there are several records of the term being used in the late 10's and early 20's, 5-10 years before Chumley's was opened and before prohibition began. Likewise, the "old west" theory of 86 proof alcohol being served to a drunk instead of 100 proof is unlikely, as the term first gained popularity along the east coast, primarily in NYC. The most likely theory is the reference to the east line trolley in Manhattan that ran from 12th Street to 86th Street, where the announcement was made, "86th Street, end of the line, all out!" A less lively option is the use of rhyming slang in the early 20th century (trouble and strife=wife, etc.) and 86 was used for another slang term, nix. The 8' x 6' grave size theory also seems quite plausible.

1. 86 MW Prime (We are out of medium well prime rib)

2. 86 the bad attitude

3. I hate working with Johnny, we should 86 his sorry ass.

See 86'd, 86'ed, eighty-six, eighty-sixed


To throw out.

The bouncer down at the bar 86'ed a few drunk bastards who tried to put up a fight with him.


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