What is 867-5309?


Jenny's phone number!

Joe: Jenny, whats your number?

Jenny: 867-5309


One of the most famous telephone numbers in the world. Made famous by the 1980's song by Tommy Tutone. The number is a favorite among phreaks, prank callers, college students, or anyone else looking to raise some hell.

I called 867-5309 in my area code, and I got the Suicide Prevention Hotline.

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Jennys number in the famous Tommy Tutone song.

I got it! I got it!!!


"Jenny"'s number from Jonny Twotone's song, "867-5309 Jenny". Most people have tried actualy calling this number in many area codes, but since this song is as old as the 70's, most likely no one uses this number. Almost as rare to find as the number from the movie "Bruce Allmighty" on the bleeper before it was changed to "555-1234"

Person 1: Hey, call 867-5309

Person 2: Dude, I've tried every area code, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, none of them work.

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