What is 888?


SCOTTY EVIL: Dad, why does Fat Bastard have warpaint on his face and an 888 on his forehead?

DR. EVIL: Scotty, I assume yoh have heard of the significance of the number 666?

SCOTTY: Yeah, duh, 666 is the Mark of the Beast!

DR. EVIL: Riiight. And 888 is the Mark of the Feast. Fat Bastard is getting ready to go to Old Country Buffet.

SCOTTY: Oh, I get it.

888 = ate, ate, ate!

See 666, fat bastard, steve austin powers


"Mark Of The Feast". Text lingo for "ate, ate, ate".

We went 2 the L U can eat buffet and 888!

See h, e, y, he, Fat Albert


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The perfect number. Also known as the symbol of Christ, baptism and resurrection.

The Christ tells: "I am the Life". In Greek, this sentence is written "egw eimi h Zwh", numbering 888 = 5+10+40+10+8+7+800+8.


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