What is 9-11?


Bad news. Referencing the tragedy that occurred in the U.S. on that day (September 11), "9-11" has taken on the connotation of any unpleasant event that has transpired.

Carl: "Evan, how'd you do on the chem test yesterday?"

Evan: "Don't ask, brozay. That shit was 9-11."

See tragedy, disaster, calamity


A very easy subtraction problem. Doesn't even require a calculator if your IQ is above 30.

Teacher: What's 9-11?

Student: -2

See fuck america


The day with the event that finally gave the US government the perfect excuse to scare the rights out of most citizens. God DAMN America.

i~i - T-H-E - P-A-T-R-I-O-T - A-C-T - i~i


1) The day that the United States government finally topped the Kennedy assasination in scale of lies it has the ability to sell to it's own citizens, in order to get funding and backing for a war we didn't need against a people who did nothing to merit the invasion in the first place.

see- illuminati, NWO, Martial law, fucked.


George Bush's excuse to begin turning America into a police state.

9-11: Sorry ma'am, we have to search your handbag to make sure that you're not a TERRORIST

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insensitive and crass way to exaggerate a large amount.

i fucking saw that movie like 9-11 times!

i drank like 9-11 beers...fuck!

i probably told you about that concert only like 9-11 times!

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