What is 912?


the real number for emergencies... if you're a stonecutter.

"and don't bother dialing 911 anymore. here's the real number (912)."

See hal


The next big Terrorist Attack on American soil. Guaranteed to be worse than the 911 attack because 912 is 911 plus 1. May or may occur on September 12th.

Don't board a plane, train or bus today, Osama is going to unleash 912.

See 911, osama, terrorist, patriotism


912 - is a classic sports car manufactured by Porsche; it means 'have fun and be cool' ... (it is also meant to shift the stigma off of 911).

She: I'm gonna just be chillaxin' this weekend.

He: 912

See fun, cool, 911, good will


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