What is 913?


the area around Kansas City Kansas

Holla if you in the 913

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a brotherhood, a crew, of dangerous men. with no agendas or obligations. closely associated with beastie boys, fighting for your right to party. shambams. and bropacks, broparties, and everything else bro.

Yo, have you heard of that 913, what is it?


dont fucking worry about it...

See gangland, brotherhood


A team assembling people of the German and or Irish brotherhood. Most memebers of the "913" squad represent this by showing their dedication to the maroon color, and clover design. Establishers consists of Devon Judd and Paige Wood, in the year of 2003. Although the "913" community also may represent "STGI", it is less common.

People must be approved by founders before joining this society.

dayumn homie you be reppin tha 913 helluh tight

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