What is 925?


Cities up in da east bay. Yall from here, gotta rep da east!!! Pittsburg, north richmond, concord, el sobrante, walnut creek. there are more towns but i anit gon name em all

Les go get our shit from 925

See bay area, yay area, east bay, bay


Area code for Bay Area cities such as Dublin, Livermore, Pleasenton and Walnut Creek.

I rep da 925 beezie!!

See bay area, dublin, livermore, 510


Area Code In Da BAY AREA Including Pittsburg, Antioch, Dublin, San Ramon, Concord, Livermore and BAY POINT.

Yo Nigga I'm Headed to Da 925 Ta Pick Up Some Breezes

See yay, bay area, hyphy, pitt, p-world


The LAPD code for a suspicious person. Also used as a racist term for black people.

This is officer Jones to HQ, I see a 925

See police, black, racism, code, suspicious


Fo yall who dont noe 925 is cites in (east) bay area, like Pittsburg A.K.A P-World, fo yall who dont noe, north richmond, concoRD, EL sobrante, my bad if i didnt say ne of yo cities.

Rayshwan: where from 925 is u from

Travis: Im from P-World wut that iz!!!!!!!!

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police code for a suspecious black person

Look at that 925 sipping his kool aid

See black, nigger, airplane, scarecrow


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