What is 929?


a really LONG ASS CAR and really GANGSTER car. I would love to have a mazda 929

Yo Adeel, check this out. It's that guy in the 929 that steals houses!


Mazda 929 was mazdas luxury rear wheel drive boat car that was designed to compeate with bmws and caddys, now all its good for is a cheap winter drifter so you can practice your dori dori skills threwout the winter and then be ready for action in your 240 in the summer! the car has heated seats, a weak tranny, and auto swivle vents. its a sweet party car good for driving around a large group of your buddys during the winter months. also does amazing burnouts and is verry well balanced for drifto also when you rip it sideways threw a neighborhood people will just think your some crazy old man who lost control of his car and not look at you tehehe

Bro lets go to the 929 and go drifto in the streets!

See Scott


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