What is 94112?


The hardest, most street neighborhood in San Francisco, populated by mostly asians, a lot of hispanics, some blacks, and maybe one white person. It's a working class area, with city college, Balboa bart, excelsior, mission terrace, southern hills, parts of mcclaren park, crocker amazon park, geneva, mission, part of ocean avenue. to the north are the alemany projects, noe valley, and glen park, to the east is cow palace, sunnydaleprojects, vis valley, to the south is daly city/ southern hills, and to the west is ingleside.

You don't mess with people who throw it down for the 94112.

There's a lot of sideshows, constant gang violence, E-mob, hella scraps.

And of course, everyone there likes to get stupid, dumb, and hyphy.

"Hey, I'm going to city college next semester."

"Oh man, good luck, those nigguz from the 94112 will fuck you up."

See excelsior, the sco, sunnydale


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